Stop feeding your email address to spambots! protects your email address against spam and improves your visitor's email experience by replacing your mailto links with a personal and unique email page. is free, and takes 30 seconds to set up.


Sending emails online is almost as old as the internet itself, and the most used and well-known way of sending emails online is by using the mailto link. While the internet has changed a lot, this mailto link hasn't changed that much. Instead, more innovative, complex and creative solutions for sending emails and messages, each with its pros and cons, have emerged in recent years.

While we love the simplicity of using a single and straightforward mailto link, whereby we create a hyperlink combined with the mailto-scheme and our email address, this creates many problems. First, spammers are constantly spidering the web, searching for email addresses they can spam into oblivion. From a users experience perspective, the biggest problem is opening the browser's default email client. Most people haven't configured their preferred email client, which results in the unnecessary loading and opening of the wrong email program. If this isn't enough, there are plenty of other problems and limitations when using mailto links.

While there are plenty of attempts, hacks and fixes to solve the above problems, we believe our solution offers a new and elegant way that is fast, safe and user friendly. Besides that, it opens the door to some possibilities that aren't achievable with traditional mailto links. Read more about the solutions to get an idea of why you should get started using for your current and future email links.

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Claim your unique email link.

Start by filling in the form and chose your personal and unique mailto handle. You can register one link with per email address.


Verify your email address.

We will activate your link once you have verified your email address by clicking the verification link we sent to your email address.


Receive and use your link online.

You can use your newly created link on your website(s) by replacing your old mailto links. Or add it to your social media profiles or other online pages.

What it solves

Discover how helps you and your user's online email experience.

Your Benefits

Protects your email from being harvested and minimizes spam.

It will be hard, if not impossible, for email spiders and bots to harvest your email address since it will never get exposed.

Use one link in multiple locations.

You can publish the same link on different websites, pages and online profiles. Updating your email once will update all links automatically.

Faster, safer and cheaper than contact forms.

Contact forms aren't easy to set up, and often you need the help of an expensive developer to make sure it is working safely and correctly.

Measurable and new insights.

It will become easier to measure which links are getting more views and clicks, improving your overall communications strategy.

Personalize and branding.

In the future, we will make it possible to personalize your email page. Add your picture or company logo and colours.

User Experience

The user decides which email program to use, not the browser.

Did you ever clicked an email link and got annoyed with the opening of an email program you never use? Exactly, those days are over!

Just one button click to copy the email address.

No more manually selecting or right-clicking to copy the email address.

The user decides when to open the default email client.

Clicking the 'Email client' button will open the user's default client — no more unexpected behaviour.

It offers the same user experience on desktop and mobile.

Our mobile-optimized solution makes the experience the same on every device, browser and platform.

The user keeps a record of the emails.

When users send an email through their email program, they keep a copy of their send messages in their outbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I signup and use your service?

If you use your email address online, spambots will harvest your email address and litter your inbox with spam. We make sure your email address is not accessible by these bots, which results in less spam and a much cleaner inbox.

How will your service improve my website visitors experience?

When your website visitor clicks a regular mailto link, the browser will open the default email client. Suppose your visitor didn't configure this email client, and most people didn't. In that case, the browsers will open an email program your visitor probably doesn't use, which leads to a bad user experience and lots of frustration. By using, your visitor can choose which email program they want to use to send you an email.

Why is this project in beta, and what does it mean?

We just launched this service, and we currently only provide basic functionality. During the beta stage, we are testing, improving and adding new features our users want.

I have a problem, question or feedback. Can you help me?

That's why we are here! Please send us an email, and we will get back to you ASAP.

What is my personal handle, and why does it need to be unique?

Your personal handle is your unique identifier, and we will use it to link to your email page. For example, '' where johndoe is the handle that identifies your personal email page. It needs to be unique since there can only be one handle pointing to one email page.

Where is the 'Display name' field being used?

The 'Display name' is the name we show on your email page. It can be anything you would like to show to your users. It can be your full name, company name or even something else creative.

Can I make changes to my page after I submitted it?

Currently, since we are in beta, this is not possible. But we are working hard to make this possible in the future! We will send you an update once this is possible. So, stay tuned!

How can I add a profile picture to my page or change the background?

See the above question. It will also be possible when we move out of the beta-stage. We will send you an update once this is possible.

I see the message 'This handle is already in use'.

This message means that you picked a handle that some other user is already using. Since the handle needs to be unique, you should try another one. If you want, you can use dashes in your unique handle!

I didn't receive my verification email.

Please check your spam folder or click the 'Retrieve link' tab in the registration form and fill in your email, and we will resend you the verification email.

I forgot my link. Can you send it to me?

Please go to the registration form and click the 'Retrieve link' tab. Fill in your email, and we will resend you your link. Make sure to check your spam folder!